Speedrun: Space Odyssey 2001 in 60 seconds (Ep #13)


Stanley Kubrick Tribute, SF, Opening Show at Spoke Art. Sept. 6, 2014.


The Kubrick Trilogy by Tracie Ching / Twitter

18” X 24” limited edition screen prints.

The previously released Dr. Strangelove is now sold out, but 2001 and The Shining are part of the “KUBRICK" tribute art show, opening September 6th, 2014, at Spoke Art / Tumblr.

(出典: cinematicmindset)

The Shining grady twins : anonymity

The Shining grady twins : anonymity

Korova Milk Bar Set

Korova Milk Bar Set

Movie mistakes The Shining (1980)


Stanley Kubrick regulars. 


Rare photos of Stanley Kubrick and his assistant editors editing Barry Lyndon in the converted garage of his home in Abbots Mead, December 1974.